US and Japan Updates…

We received some further updates from the Shalestone Music guys (Duane) from Japan.

We are confirmed to the Act for the opening Party of the KANSAI MUSIC CONFERENCE!!! What a great honor for us!

More about Kansai Music Conference just click on the pic below

The Shalestone Team in Japan also set up a promo page for us on their Website and will be taking care of us while in Japan!

Check it out by clicking on the logo below

Also some update from US! Prema Yin is currently touring there and will play a number of unplugged shows in New York and around that area. Tonight will be the first show in New Jersey. Check out the gig calendar on the left for more details. This show is very special to Prema Yin since she will reunite with our former keyboardist Stephanie Tham and will do a very special set!

If you are around that area… DROP BY and witness a very special evening!

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