TV3 Muzik Muzik, Shah Alam!

Yesterday we had the Muzik Muzik recording session!
First time doing Muzik Muzik.
Was pretty exciting for us. 🙂
During our soundcheck.
As the designated photographer, I had no picture of myself during soundcheck.
Oh well, it’s about time you guys see my band mates in action! haha 🙂
Ryan and Ming played with us for the show.
Thanks guys! Always a pleasure to have ya’ll on board 😉
Other artistes who was there included Faizal Tahir, Shahir, Dragon Red, O-Two, Breakfast, and Projek Pistol.
To know what happened log on to my blogspot:

Well, according to Shera, the show is going to be on the 25 Sept on TV3, so don’t forget to check us out k?
Put it in your schedule. Hahaha
Cheers all!

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