SUPERSTAR – The official Music Video

My Superstars, have you seen i yet?
it is FINALLY time!
The E-Launch of my Music Video, “SUPERSTAR”!
Thank you for waiting, and yes I really hope you like it!
I dedicate this song to all my superstars out there!
Thank you for your support and patience!

Big thanks goes out to my band boys Isaac, Moe, Joe, Ryan and Ming for
being the wacky guys they are, my family, Nadhira, Rahul One Buck Short and of course the man who made this happen, Director Adrian Lai and Aliff!

I pray that you like it, and help me spread this video and this message to your friends and the people you love! Tell them that you believe in them and that they are a superstar in their own right! 😉
Thanks once again for watching! xoxo

Prema Yin


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