Prema Yin & MON9 to perform at Eurovoice in Athens


Here the excerpt from the Eurovoice Website:

EuroVoice 2010 Announces the Preliminary List of the participants of the Super Final

28 May, 2010

The tension of the Internet Stage reached its peak. Finally we are proud to inform the EuroVoice contestants and fans that the list of prospective participants of the Super Final is being researched by the Organizing Committee to ensure that all legal formalities are in order. Then the official participants, who have got most of the votes in their countries, will start promoting their contestant song and gathering the support of as many fans as possible.

Below you can find the participants from the 38 Countries, who have got most of the votes in their countries during the voting on the Internet Stage:

# Country The participants Profile
1 Albania Altin Gocci
2 Armenia The Bambir
3 Austria Tafkanik
4 Azerbaijan Elmar Askerov
5 Belarus Berta
6 Belgium Loic Walo
7 Bosnia and Herzegovina Catch Up Paradise
8 Bulgaria Boryana Hristova
9 Croatia Vlatka Buric
10 Cyprus The Secret
11 Denmark Unity Gain
12 Estonia Dominanta
13 France 3nity Brothers
14 FYR Macedonia Next Time
15 Germany Prema Yin and MON9
16 Greece George Tentzerakis
17 Hungary Regina Rostás Quintet
18 Israel Doro-Doron Eitan
19 Italy Bohémièn Skyzzoyd Orchestrers
20 Kazakhstan Leila Altaj
21 Latvia Diana Pirags
22 Lithuania Valerie Yusupov
23 Malta Lawrence Gray
24 Moldova P-Ragga
25 Netherlands So.St. Feat. Revan
26 Norway Bjorn Lislegaard
27 Poland Spacey
28 Portugal Ekus
29 Romania Deaconu George Alexandru
30 Russia Stas Borisov
31 Serbia duo Moderato
32 Slovenia Jerry & Blueberry
33 Spain Demiserables
34 Sweden Lars Krantz
35 Switzerland Loraine& the toy soldiers
36 Turkey Teoman Nazif
37 Ukraine Mark Savin
38 United Kingdom Marlain Angelides

The parade of new talents will reach the hearts of millions of listeners globally!

Let the music win!

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