MTV Worldstage 2010

We really had a blast over the weekend thanx to Celcom xpax and MTV ASIA!

Celcom invited us to perform at the warmup concert just at the entrance of Sunway Lagoon where we played 3 of our Songs!
For this show we had our dear friend and producer AJ Pop Shuvit playing the Bass since Zaom couldn’t make it! What a show he missed!
The area in front of the stage was packed since the organizers did a smart move and guided all the people that wanted to enter right in front of the stage!
Everybody was hyped up anyway and we put on a rocking show!

Once done we went also in and thanx to MTV Asia and especially Kossy and her Team we had VVIP invites where we were very well taken care of! we had great sound and a superb view on the Stage where we saw our homegrown boys from Bunkface rocking it out before the hot girl from the Wonder Girls came on!
Tokio Hotel played a really long set before finally the main act of the night Katy Perry came on!
What a show!

MTV Asia also hooked us up with some VVIP passes for the Afterparty where we ended a great night out with all the folks from MTV as well as with all our friends!

Preps for the Baybeats show are in full swing and also still working on the sponsorship for our Japan tour!
If you have money left over… Just give it to us! 😉

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