“Eyo Eyo” on Indonesian Radio/”Superstar” on Traxx FM Upstage Charts


While i am currently busy working on my new material and waiting for my final mixes from US i received some really good news!

“Eyo Eyo” made it onto the Charts on Ardan Radio and as well onto FB9020FM PURWAKARTA 

Keep on requesting the Song there and help me to get it to #1 on the Charts there!

Also…. My Music Video for “MARILAH” is being played on Dahsyat TV in Indonesia! Wow….

Also my Song “Superstar” is on the Upstage Charts on Traxx FM!

To vote and request for it, follow the steps on the website http://traxxfm.rtm.gov.my/index.php/music-charts/upstage-charts.html

Thank you so much for the support!



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