Countdown to AIM 17

We, especially Prema, were quite busy the last week!

Tons of interviews, Recording, Roadshow…

Prema Yin had several Photo shoots and interviews with the mainstream Newspapers throughout the whole week.

Namely Harian Metro, Berita Harian, Kosmo, Utusan Malaysia and a few more!

During this time the band was busy recording our new english Track “Blow my Mind” which is in the final stages now. Thanx to AJ Pop Shuvit, it turned out AMAZING!

Each of us got a fair share of punishing to record in order to ensure we gave our best!

Also we are working on a few new tracks. One of them is a Malay Pop song as a follow up to Eyo Eyo. We are planning a little surprise there. Everybody is currently working on his parts and we hope to hit the studio to record once Prema and Moe are back back from Germany & US/Canada in June.

Last Sunday held a very exciting day for us. We were one of the Acts to perform on the final leg of the AIM Roadshows in Dataran Pahlawan in Melaka.

It truly was a blast to perform alongside Acts like Jaclyn Victor and Seven Collar T-Shirt who are idols and legends for us!

Joined by a boat load of superstars such as Hafiz AF7 and Ayu from OIAM and also the super nice dudes from COLABR8 we really enjoyed performing our acoustic set that was pretty much still full on!

Special Thanx goes here to the AIM Roadshow Team that took so good care of us and gave us a kick ass bus to bring us down to Melaka!

Today Prema Yin had the interview with the fabulous Hunny Madu on Fly FM and friday morning Prema Yin will be appearing on the NTV7 Breakfast show! So tune in!

The rest of the week will be preps for the big days on Saturday where the pre-award ceremony will be held and of course for Sunday when the main event is going to take place in PWTC in KL!

After that… off to Germany and US for some leisure and business and back in June to turn the place here upside down!

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