12 years ∙ 20 originals ∙ 4 industry awards ∙ 6 chart-toppers
17 nominations ∙ 2 extended plays ∙ 7 countries ∙ 1 name
United States ∙ Germany ∙ Japan ∙ China ∙ Indonesia ∙ Singapore ∙ Malaysia


Enter, the singer.

Music is universal in appeal, but add to its innate charm the right set of pipes and pitch which is perfect, and its touch is personal, while its impact monumental. Sometimes, even the simplest of harmonies can prove a tour de force. Of this, Prema Yin is proof. An artistically-inspired human instrument groomed for stage from the tender age of four, the classic crooner embodies exceptionality and shares many story through song. Don’t take her word for it. Listen for yourself!
Meet the musician.

By twelve, tickling the ivories surfaced as a keen attraction to her piano-playing fingers. At 16, she turned to the keyboard to unlock further talent. Later at 18, the guitar struck a chord with her sense of strum. In 2012, she graduated to the veena; allowing its traditional allure to tug at her heartstrings. Soon after, Yin found her second wind with the kazoo. She even chimes in with the tambourine, now and then. From beatboxing to strings to percussions to winds to keyboard, it’s versatility, baby!

Salute the songwriter.

Before turning 17 and as the descant continued, the minstrel hit a solid note by evolving into a lyricist, one determined to scribble her own jams. Albeit for fun at first, the milestone turned a corner after several rewrites. Lending a fresh level of zeal to the task, she upped the ante, polished her skills, and not a moment too soon, Ain’t Got Tears was born, followed by numerous other self-penned hit singles—like Eyo Eyo—all over the past decade and some change. 20 published, and at least 20 more in the bag!

Behold the artiste.

An image of unfaltering talent met with insightful coaching, the once Hazami-trained apprentice, is a vocalist who invested her dream into building a reputation as a recording artiste of distinction. From working the pub circuit back in the day all the way to snagging multiple music awards and accolades throughout her career, the evolved songstress is today a force to be reckoned with. Touted as Malaysia’s Pocket Dynamite, the rockstar turned cultural troubadour has finally come into her own.

Cue the composer.

Singing and song-writing are not the only tricks up this entertainer’s sleeve. Music composition took her from humming tunes to caressing the piano to plucking her guitar in an effort to drum up spotlight-worthy melodies. As a Sarah McLachlan inspired composer, the serenading lass is happy to be able to express herself not just through the words of her tracks, but also through soul-soothing infusions of her musical innovations. She’s even started producing her own videos.

Hail the judge.

No stranger to the judges’ panel at numerous national-level music or singing competitions, the long-standing performer is a keen choice when the charge is to evaluate technique, style, and ability in buddying talent with a penchant for vocal and musical artistry. A fair adjudicator, Yin’s strength rests in her integrity to acknowledge and commend where credit is due as well as offer encouragement and motivation where they is needed. In short, she’s all about the nurturing.

Call the coach.

Yin’s love of music is epitomised by her untiring dedication to the students under her professional tutelage. As a vocal coach, she mentors aspiring singers and musicians almost daily as well as guides them through the intricacies of performing on stage. Breathing, voice control, tone, pitch, and key-holding are all areas masterfully dealt with, using phase-by-phase drills so that each novice is brought to a place where his or her optimum level is reached and true potential flexed. Their goals are hers.